Cool Escape Room game for playing @ home

3d box vorne-webEver played an Escape Room? You go with your friends and get locked in a room for one hour. There are a lot of riddles which you have to solve in order to escape the room. Many cities feature live escape rooms now, some of which are really great and some are crap. Usually, you can easily distinguish by the pictures they show on their websites: If they show real photos from their rooms and they look well decorated, not stock photos, it’s usually a good room.

Here’s a game you can buy and play at home: The Pharaoh’s Revenge is an escape room style game. There are envelopes which represent locked boxes, and you have to solve riddles before you can open them. There’s also a mechanism to use in order to check if the codes you find are correct, i.e. the lock on the box. It’s a fun game, of course, because I developed it. You can get it at

Retro games playable with your phone …

I’ve just updated my retro-style online games, so you can play them with your phone or iPad. They feature touchscreen-buttons and a virtual joystick now. Take a trip to the past and discover the fun of the 80′s!
yodas video arcade play retro games online

Retro 8-Bit handheld console


Check out the gamebuino retro 8-bit handheld console on Indiegogo!

It’s a small cute device that lets you design your own games and share with others. Black and white screen with 84 x 48 pixel resolution, 4 channel sounds and multiplayer-link compatibility.

You’ve got 22 hours left to get one! Make your own games.

Gold Rush – A Miner’s Adventure


I’ve had this idea long ago, but finally I finished this beautiful exploration boardgame. It is called Goldrush and can be played by 2 to 4 players. You dig shafts in the old mine and try to find gold, while avoiding rocks, water and gas-explosions. You can buy equipment like boots, backpack, diving-suit, dynamite to proceed quicker or at all. It is a thrilling exploration adventure with beautiful ilustrations by Juan Pablo Cornejo Serrano. It is not available yet on Amazon or in the Yodagames-Shop, but you can easily order it by sending 35 Euros directly to using Paypal – this already includes worldwide shipping. It is a big box with lots of game-pieces and even more fun.

Once upon a time in 1991 …

… I created a cute brainkiller game called “Bomber Jack” for the Atari 800 XL computer. But what is a brainkiller game? This is a genre of games I wrote that feature arcade-action, but at the same time need a lot of thinking and puzzle-solving skills. Bomber Jack was one of my favourites, so I decided to resurrect it. Tadaa! It’s done! You can play it now for free on my website Yodas Video Arcade. Of course I updated the graphics a little bit, but just a little bit. It still has the cool retro feeling. Try it!

atari 8 bit online game free free2play bomber jack retro arcade

Bomber Jack Resurrection

Wanted: Reference-partners!

online games for your website

Do you own a business that has a website? Do you want to get more visitors, a longer time of stay at your website? More word-of-mouth promotion? Want people to understand what you’re doing and appreciate it more? Here’s your chance:

I develop online-games for website. These games are related to the business and will show people what you’re doing – in a fun and playful way. They will like you more, understand your service, promote you and get exposed to your content for a longer time.

Usually, developing a game related to your business would cost between 2000 and 3000 Euros for development, graphics and a full, unlimited license. But here’s the deal: I’m looking for reference-partners! That means: I will develop your game for your business, you put it on your website. Depending on your business type and size, I can offer that either totally free for you or with only a little cost or some service-exchance for you. Oh yes, and there will be a link to my website in the game for reference.

How does it work? Just send me a mail and include your contact, a link to your website so I can have a look. I will get back to you and hopefully, you will soon have a really cool and fun game on your website that attracts a lot of visitors.


Suppliers’s Day in Hanau

On the last two days, the “Supplier’s Day” took place in the Hanau Congress-Centre. A very good choice of supplier’s sited in and around Hanau presented their products and services in an inspiring environment. Being a B2B event, it was quite easy to make new networking-contacts and find useful co-operations with visitors and participants at the same time. Thanks to everyone who visited my booth and dared to play one of my games.

Game designers are no inventors?

It is quite interesting that at the moment there is a big discussion about if authors of table top games should be recognised as inventors and therefore have a copyright on their games. Their ideas are the blood in the vessels of the game industry.

Exactly here I remember that this kind of thing already happened in the 80′s, when Atari, leading game company at that time, decided to not print the names of the designers on the game boxes and therefore neglected the rights of the authors.

This lead to the genesis of the company Activision, created by some of Atari’s best game designer’s of that time. They created such great games, that Atari soon had a big problem. It looks like history has to repeat itself. Some people just never learn …

Retro games and computer music

gulp splat zong von yoda zhang

For anyone, who still remembers the beginning of the video game era: The book GULP SPLAT ZONG describes what happened when Pac Man, Space Invaders, pixelated graphics and strange computer sounds were dominating the arcades, shopping centres, cinemas and other public places in Germany. At the moment, the book is available in German only, but an english version is under construction. You can get the printed hardcover edition here or order the kindle-edition directy at amazon.