Who is Yoda?

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WHo is Yoda?

My name is Yoda Zhang, yes, my real name it is. Backwards I do not speak, although some people believe I do. Enough of this now we have.

My passion is designing things that are fun. Some examples …

Games – Videogames, Tabletop games, conception, design, development, production

Music – especially house, trance, chill-out, techno, prodction, DJ’ing

Retroin – that is everything retro, 8-bit generation, pixelated

Design & Printing – designing printed products like bonus-cards, scratch-cards, sudoku, gifts for children, games as marketing-gifts, journals and notebooks, short-run quantities

Events – concept, organisation, creation of thrilling event-modules, games, riddles, music games, segway(tm) race

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