Cool Escape Room game for playing @ home

3d box vorne-webEver played an Escape Room? You go with your friends and get locked in a room for one hour. There are a lot of riddles which you have to solve in order to escape the room. Many cities feature live escape rooms now, some of which are really great and some are crap. Usually, you can easily distinguish by the pictures they show on their websites: If they show real photos from their rooms and they look well decorated, not stock photos, it’s usually a good room.

Here’s a game you can buy and play at home: The Pharaoh’s Revenge is an escape room style game. There are envelopes which represent locked boxes, and you have to solve riddles before you can open them. There’s also a mechanism to use in order to check if the codes you find are correct, i.e. the lock on the box. It’s a fun game, of course, because I developed it. You can get it at