What is Fundesign?

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What is fundesign?

Technically speaking: Invention of products and services that are targeted to creating fun for the customers.

Or in simple words: Creating things that are fun.

Here are some examples of the service I provide for you:

Online-Videogames for your website. Do you want more visitors on your website? Do you want your visitors to stay longer and see your content longer? Do you want your visitors to talk about your website and your service to more other people? Do you want your visitors to come back to your website more often? All that can easily be done with a customized online game on your website. I will develop a game that fits your theme and your service, so people can “play your service” and therefore get used to it and appreciate your service’s value more. They will enjoy your website, talk about it, come back and recommend it to others. There are several options for your customized online game, fitting to different budgets even for small businesses. Check out my retro-games website and try some of the games.

Table top games. That means real playable boardgames or card games with your theme. Specially designed for your customers to enjoy. Due to my very special production capabilities, I can make your game with a very small minimum quantity of only 50 games, and of course up to whatever quantity you like. These make very special gifts that your customers will never throw away. Check out some of my games here.

Marketing gifts. Give your customers very special gifts. The games mentioned above are just one example. I can also design Sudoku and other game-like gifts as well as custom journals, magazines, notepads and much more. Available in small quantities even for small businesses. Check out the website here.

Interactive Events. Planning an event? Tradeshow-booth? VIP-party? Check out the hyper-interactive Brainwater musical table to get your visitors a jaw-dropping experience!


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